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Kaylee's Wish List
Height: 40 inches Weight: 30 lbs.
Shirt and Pant Size: 4/5. But only buy 5 and up!
Shoe Size: 9 through 11 depending

Brands Kaylee loves: "Hello Kitty" and "Strawberry Shortcake." Anything to do with these will be a hit.

Ariel Petite Princess Play Set [by Disney]
Price: $19.50

Slightly smaller set also found at Walmart for $9.99!

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home [by Blue Box, Inc.]
Price: $19.99

Also found at Toys R Us

ClickIts [by Blue Box, Inc.]
Price: $16.99

Also found at Walmart and Toys R Us

Disney Princess Sing-A-Long Microphone [by Thinkway]
Price: $17.99

Pretty Pretty Princess [by Hasbro]
Price: $9.99

Jungle Book 2 [Disney]
Price: $12.99- 25